Logistics Competence

Logistics Competence

We offer flexible and easy logistics, delivering to end customers directly or, if required, via one of their preferred parcel delivery services. For this we use all national and international service providers and system connections. Trade customers can choose from three types of delivery: via our central warehouse, via our external transfer stations or directly to the store including shelf stocking.

For our shelf-stocking service, we work with one of the most experienced full-service logistics providers—eCom Logistik GmbH & Co. KG. Our sales outlets can thus be served and supervised by around 800 sales representatives. In addition to professional retail space management, this guarantees that end consumer promotions at the POS are executed efficiently and at short notice. And when it comes to replenishment, EDI connections ensure that repeat orders are handled quickly and smoothly.

Correct Storage

As a distributor of sensitive medical products, it is our logistical responsibility to ensure the correct storage of such products. This means regularly checking and keeping the temperature in our warehouse constant as well as paying close attention to the sell-by dates of our contact lenses and care products, to ensure the complete safety of our products.

Thorough Checks

Every product that leaves our warehouse is thoroughly checked. This applies to both individual mail-order packages that pass through several quality control checks before being dispatched, and to wholesale goods leaving the warehouse on pallets.


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Managing Director

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