Consulting Competence

Consulting Competence

We offer more than just high-quality products at reasonable prices. We bring the world of vision to life.



Our qualified opticians provide personal advice in our very own Optical Studio, on the phone, or interactively. Virtual try-ons, online advice for glasses, and optimized search functions make it easy for everyone to find the right visual aids. Product videos and how-to films present products in an interesting light and clearly show how to handle them correctly. Our online store actively encourages dialogue, the sharing of information, and product and service reviews. We specifically use this feedback to constantly optimize our offerings and remain relevant for our customers.


Our Optical Studio

Optique Studio

Opening Hours Optical Studio Kiel
Monday - Thursday 09:00 - 16:00
Friday                     09:00 - 15:00

Phone: +49 431 8811-833

At our business premises in Kiel, we run our very own Optical Studio, where customers receive the full-service treatment of a professional optician: eye exams, contact lens fittings, finding the best prescription. All the latest designer eyeglasses and sunglasses as well as our own collection of trendy Lennox eyewear complete the personal customer service offered by 4Care.

Eye Exam

The qualified opticians at our Optical Studio in Kiel have all the latest optical equipment at their disposal for ascertaining the exact refraction of our customers’ eyes. If required, they will also check the eyes for contact lens suitability and recommend suitable contact lenses and the appropriate care product.

Consulting and Fitting

Whether it’s finding the perfect frames to suit, optimally adjusting frames to fit, or showing customers how to insert, remove and clean a contact lens—our qualified opticians offer the full service package when it comes to clear vision. We have a large selection of the latest frames, sunglasses and contact lenses in stock for our customers. So come on by!

Your Qualified Opticians

Our qualified opticians are here to answer any questions customers may have regarding glasses and contact lenses. Besides phone or online advice, customers in Kiel can also drop by our Optical Studio for comprehensive advice on glasses and contact lenses.

Elke Fröhlich

Qualified optician Elke Fröhlich has worked for many years in the area of contact lens fitting and training for a major optician chain, and has been employed at 4Care for the past eight years. She specializes in fitting contact lenses and handling the little visual aids correctly. She also holds regular specialist training sessions throughout Germany for pharmacy staff and our optical partners.

Phone +49 431 8811-722

Your opticians

Vanessa Lähn

Optician Vanessa Lähn started working at 4Care immediately after completing her training as an optician. She specialises in all issues relating to contact lenses. She supports our customers on the phone, via email and in our optics studio with advice and practical solutions.

Fon +49 431 8811-724

Jutta Nilßon

After completing her training, Optician Jutta Nilßon worked as a consultant at various companies and in an optics studio before coming to 4Care, where she specialises in eyeglasses, and advises customers on the phone, via email and in our optics studio.

Phone +49 431 8811-835