The Eckernförde Workshop and 4Care: a Story of Success!

The Eckernförde Workshop and 4Care: a Story of Success!


During an informational evening in Eckernförde, 4Care CEO Bernd Behrens announced the collaboration of his company with the Eckernförde Workshop.

At least twice a week, the warehousing and logistics employees at 4Care GmbH will be receiving some extra help. The Eckernförde rehabilitation facility team, consisting of 8-9 employees, have already been working for years in Kiel and are indispensable in the shipping and wholesale business. The jobs are very diverse. Their tasks include folding and placing inserts in mail order cartons, in addition to the labelling of reading aids, stocking the displays with sunglasses and reading aids, or packaging gift sets for promotional campaigns.

4Care has been providing jobs to the Eckernförde facility since 2006. The self-reliant team, which also works on site in Kiel several days a week, was established a few years ago. The specialists at 4Care GmbH and the Eckernförde employees work very well together in a professional and very upbeat atmosphere.

The Eckernförde Workshop is a rehabilitation facility of the relief organization Diakonie in Schleswig-Holstein and helps integrate people with disabilities into the labour force. Since 1976, it has offered comprehensive employment, support and care services. Part of the philosophy of the workshop is that work is a fundamental area of life in which people find acceptance, compensation, financial and social security.

This philosophy fits in perfectly with the entrepreneurial vision of 4Care CEO Bernd Behren, who says: “We accept our social responsibility both as individuals and as a business. The success of our work with the Eckernförde Workshop is a wonderful part of that. Let’s continue down that path together!“