Schüler Helfen Leben e.V. – Commitment at 4Care

Schüler Helfen Leben e.V. – Commitment at 4Care


Emma and Mathilda, both secondary school students in grade 6c at Ernst Barlach Gymnasium in Kiel, spent a full day working with us.

In exchange, each of them received €36, which goes to the youth and education projects of the German youth organisation Schüler Helfen Leben. The two students wrote this news article while working in our PR division.

This year we participated for the first time in the Social Action Day. This Social Action Day is a project of the relief organisation “Schüler Helfen Leben” in which students 13 years of age and older can pursue a career for one day. The money earned in exchange goes to the youth and education relief projects in the Balkans and, since 2013, to help Syrian refugees in Jordan.

We decided to spend our Social Action Day working at 4Care. First, we worked in the warehouse, packing orders for online customers. We were extremely productive. If only we were half as motivated in school …

The employees were very nice to us, and even offered us Mettbrötchen (ground pork on a bread roll) won in a radio competition. We could well imagine working here more often. After packing a huge amount of products in boxes, we went to work in the PR division, where our assignment was to write this article.

 … Emma and Mathilda also worked in graphics. The photos in this article show them working there and in the shipping warehouse. A good introduction to the working world and all for a good cause! “THANK YOU” Emma and Mathilda!

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