Job-Training at 4Care

Job-Training at 4Care


On 1 September, new trainees started their (professional) careers in earnest at 4Care.

There are three new trainees working in the shipping and wholesale warehouse, one from the IT field.  This training programme will leave them well prepared for their professional careers in the years ahead. They are all highly motivated, and exhibit great curiosity and enthusiasm. To help them get started, 4Care sweetened the deal in a traditional manner by giving each a fully packed school bag. Now, after an initial period of getting acquainted with one another and learning the basics, all four are working together very well in their respective fields.

The trainees discover very quickly, from the first day, that they were not hired by 4Care to prepare the coffee and make photocopies. Although, the Kiel-based 4Care GmbH is an international player as a member of the international MyOptique Group, it has just 50 employees in the far North of Germany, and the management style is more flat, or horizontal, fostering a culture of teamwork. The trainees notice this, too, and are involved right from the start in the company’s procedures and processes. They are assigned tasks and responsibilities of their own.

Each trainee is an integral part of the 4Care team and can count on the support and encouragement of that team.

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