4Care expands B2C logistics with new shipping storage area

4Care expands B2C logistics with new shipping storage area


The new storage area at Fraunhoferstraße 19 covers approximately 700m². Starting immediately, orders for the company’s online shop will be prepared and shipped from the facility.

The 2,460 m² storage area used until now that handled wholesale in addition to mail-order logistics reached its limits due to the strong growth of 4Care GmbH. By relocating dispatch logistics, a larger area has been made available for wholesale.

Expanding the logistics area was an absolute necessity for staying on track with the company's growth strategy and also for ensuring that 4Care is well-prepared for the future in this area.

With this expansion, effective immediately, more products that take up a lot of space due to their wide-ranging parameters and different variants can now be stocked. This has allowed the delivery time for toric contact lenses to be reduced from two weeks to just one day, to provide but one example. In addition to expanding the range of services offered to 4Care GmbH customers, this also provides the company's online shops with a clear competitive advantage.

New IT technology and streamlined processes will further expedite the delivery of each day’s parcels. The company’s goal is to be able to offer same day service for a large part of the products on offer.

Following the relaunch of its online shops, the expansion is helping 4Care GmbH to meet the shipping demands of the modern customer, and brings the enterprise further in line with the concept of service-orientation.

According to Marc Forquignon, director of logistics, IT and customer service, “Looking to the future, we will remain on a strong growth trajectory and are convinced that this can only be achieved through utmost dedication to service orientation and customer satisfaction.” With same day delivery, 4Care GmbH can guarantee—especially to contact lens customers—that they’ll be able to get the products they need quickly if they’ve forgotten to buy them earlier.”