200 Pairs of Sunglasses for the Baltic Sea Jumbo Project!

200 Pairs of Sunglasses for the Baltic Sea Jumbo Project!


It is not just 4Care that is involved in social projects, its employees are fully committed too!

Laura Stolz works fulltime in customer service at 4Care GmbH and helps those who wear contact lenses and glasses with all of their questions and purchases. In her free time, she and her parents, Tarik and Heike Stolz, have been organising the Baltic Sea Jumbo Project for many years. Each summer, bikers with their sidecars come to Schleswig-Holstein from all over Germany and Scandinavia for outings with handicapped persons, including an afternoon of games with coffee and cake, camping and a cheerful exchange of gifts on both sides.

This year, the 33rd Baltic Sea Jumbo began with 83 teams at the old school in Gammelby and continued through the Hütten Hills and Altenhof to the Eckernförde Yachting Club. In her backpack, Laura Stolz was not only carrying registration lists and cake plates but also 200 pairs of sunglasses from the 4Care GmbH stockroom as a gift for participants, just right for the sunshine pampering the Baltic Sea Jumbo last Saturday! The photo clearly shows how much everyone liked the sunglasses!

Collaborating and promoting projects with handicapped persons has become a tradition at 4Care. The close and very amicable relationship with the Eckernförder Workshop began 10 years ago, and it now regularly sends a solid team of people with disabilities to work in the warehouse and logistics areas of 4Care GmbH.

Bernd Behrens, CEO of 4Care GmbH, said: “We assume social responsibility on a personal and corporate level. The fact that our employees are also personally committed, makes us proud, and naturally we are glad to support these projects!”

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