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Lenscare is our proprietary brand of contact lenses and care products for carefree living.

The easy to understand range comprises a wide assortment of contact lenses and care products to meet the various needs of our customers. In addition to contact lenses made from tried-and-tested conventional materials, our portfolio also includes premium products made from the most advanced contact lens materials: remoistening hyaluronan lenses and oxygen permeable silicone hydrogel meet the high demands of modern wearer comfort. Lenscare products are available in our online store, over the counter in specialist optical retailers, and in pharmacies, i.e. wherever we are able to offer professional product advice.

As we know that different contact lenses and care products are required to suit different lifestyles, we offer the perfect product for all eyes—from simple daily lenses to advanced monthly lenses.

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The contact lenses and care products in the Lenscare Komfort range represent the basic products in our portfolio and consist of tried-and-tested conventional materials and ingredients. Easy handling and spontaneous tolerance make the daily and monthly lenses in the Komfort range ideal for first-time wearers and those wanting to switch lenses. Thanks to the excellent price-performance ratio, the products in the Komfort range appeal to a wide range of buyers.

Lenscare Komfort Produkte

Komfort Premium

The contact lenses in the Lenscare Komfort Premium range are made from the most advanced, high-quality materials and are real “problem solvers.” Thanks to their selected ingredients and functions, the special care products for these contact lenses promote the lenses’ positive characteristics.

“SH System” lenses are made from an innovative combination of silicone and hydrogel. They are extremely oxygen permeable, well tolerated, and can be worn for more than 14 hours per day. The practical all-in-one solution “Kombi SH System” is specially designed to suit the material properties of silicone-hydrogel contact lenses.

“GEL System” contact lenses contain hyaluronan, an active agent with natural moisture-retention and wetting properties. This agent ensures the eyes are kept pleasantly moist with every blink and stabilizes the tear film. Ideal for anyone who has dry eyes or spends a lot of time in front of the PC or in air-conditioned rooms. The suitable care product, “Kombi GEL System,” is used to refill the hyaluronan vial of the GEL System lenses during disinfection and storage.

The contact lenses in the “OPTI System” series are specially designed for sensitive eyes. The spherical and toric lenses are composed of highly tolerant, biocompatible material containing the nature-identical component phosphorylcholine. The outstanding water-binding properties and good oxygen permeability of the “OPTI System” lenses in this series impress even the most sensitive of eyes with their particularly high level of comfort. The OPTI-Sept tablet system to go with these lenses is free from preservatives and cleans thoroughly.

Lenscare Komfort Premium Produkte

Komfort Spezial

The contact lenses in the “Komfort Spezial” product range cater to the more special needs of our contact lens customers. These include for example color-enhancing and color-changing daily and monthly lenses.


Care Products

The range of Lenscare care products comprises various all-in-one solutions, peroxide systems, hard contact lens cleaners, protein removal tablets, saline solutions and rewetting drops that are tailored to specific eyecare needs and contact lens characteristics. Our care product range also features preservative-free products that are suitable for allergy sufferers. Lenscare care products are available in various sizes, including handy pocket sizes to fit in your hand luggage.

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