Our well-priced range of quality eyewear for retail stores.

The label was designed as a contact lens and care product brand for the retail sector and has been successfully positioned in this market sector for the past ten years. The range includes daily and monthly lenses to suit various needs, along with the relevant care products and an extensive range of accessories. For some time now, Acumed products have also been available online via selected partners.

As all customers—and eyes—are different when it comes to contact lens needs, Acumed offers a complete range of products to suit everyone: from well-priced all-round lenses to advanced silicone-hydrogel lenses.

Product Portfolio

Top Line

The Acumed Top Line range comprises comfortable daily lenses, an all-round monthly lens and practical, well-tolerated all-in-one solutions. These value-for-money basic products are made from tried-and-tested conventional materials and ingredients.

Acumed Topline

Premium Line

The innovative contact lenses and care products in the Acumed Premium Line range consist of special, high-quality materials and ingredients. They are specifically designed for use in situations where a standard product is inadequate.

“Acumed Hyaluron” monthly lenses are ideally suited to drier eyes. The integrated natural active ingredient hyaluronan is highly moisture-retentive and releases this moisture into the eyes throughout the day. This enables daily usage of up to 14 hours per day. “Acumed Kombi-Hyaluron” is used to refill the hyaluronan contact lens vial during cleaning and disinfection.

Thanks to their innovative silicone-hydrogel material, “Acumed SH” monthly lenses are extremely oxygen permeable and well tolerated. As they provide the eyes with a good supply of oxygen, they can also be worn for more than 14 hours per day.

Acumed Premium Line

Care Products

The Acumed brand comprises a high-quality assortment of all-in-one solutions, optimally designed to suit the various types of contact lenses. Protein removal tablets, saline solution and rewetting drops are also available.

Acumed Pflegemittel


The Acumed SUN collection of sunglasses is sold over the counter and in drugstores. It comprises fashionable and classic glasses with plastic or metal frames that change with the seasons. It also includes sports sunglasses, featuring extremely unbreakable polycarbonate lenses with an 8-base curve, and kids models with a hard, scratch-resistant coating.

Acumed Sonnenbrillen

Reading Glasses

The outstanding quality of Acumed reading glasses makes them ideal as a spare pair. They are available with plastic or metal frames in a variety of fashionable and elegant designs, over the counter, in drugstores, and from the Lensbest store. All Acumed reading glasses feature extra thin acrylic lenses and a hard, scratch-resistant coating.

Acumed Lesehilfen