Our commitment to offering everyone - everywhere - the right solution for their eyes is ensured by an efficient team of 50 employees.


Each and every one of these employees, from staff in the dispatch warehouse to qualified opticians, is a specialist in their field and takes personal responsibility for customer satisfaction. What they all have in common is a passion for our products and the ability to convey this passion to colleagues, customers and business partners.



Customer Proximity

Understanding the customer and offering customized solutions at all touchpoints—this is the challenge set by our Marketing Department. A highly motivated team of creatives in Marketing work day in, day out, to better meet the needs and desires of our customers.


Quick and Precise

Just as much care and attention is given by our warehouse staff to delivering a single pair of trial contact lenses to a customer, as to delivering 20 pallets of care products to a major drugstore chain. For all logistics processes are specifically designed to meet individual customer requirements.