Economist Marc Forquignon, state-certified optician Thomas Bauer and MBA Ling Fan-Montzka are the general managers of 4Care GmbH. All three of them held senior management positions at 4Care for several years before joining the executive board, and they have many years of experience in the optical industry. At 4Care, they are striving for strong growth in the online shopping and B2B sectors, als well as for the development of new sales channels.

The team, consisting of three managing directors, brings value-based leadership and brand management to 4Care, endowing the company with the diligence, agility and competence that its customers and business partners demand. They see their corporate responsibility as much more than fulfilling corporate objectives, but rather as a personal social responsibility to local and international projects to protect children and youngsters.

Ling Fan-Montzka

The Chinese-born MBA Ling Fan-Montzka has been working for 4Care since 2003. While finishing her business management degree, she completed an internship in our Management Control Division. She started at 4Care as our database manager and was later responsible for far-reaching changes to the entire marketing structure as head of the Marketing Division. The online formats developed under her leadership are of the latest generation of interactive shopping portals. Today, Ling Fan-Montzka is an executive director of 4Care GmbH and is also responsible for the entire e-commerce sector.

"We understand our customers. That is all there is to be."

Marc Forquignon

Since 2009, the economics graduate Marc Forquignon has brought his experience from international business enterprises to 4Care. Before he joined the Kiel-based company, the Bremen economist was responsible for building and developing multi-channel strategies in the e-commerce, printing and teleshopping sectors. Process-oriented thinking and action has characterized his approach and is key to his successful development of the Purchasing and Merchandise Control divisions, which he heads at 4Care. As an executive, he is also responsible for customer service, IT and quality management.

"High purchasing volumes and efficient logistics make our products affordable for everyone. Now and in the future."

Thomas Bauer

A native of Augsburg, Thomas Bauer is an optician who was sales director of 4Care GmbH for 10 years before being appointed to the Board of Directors in January 2017. He brings more than 25 years of sales experience in the food retail and drugstore industry, and had already worked for various international non-food corporate groups prior to joining 4Care. Now, this expert in optometry is charged with expanding the growing B2B sector for the food, drugstore and retail trade sectors.

"We cover all of our customers┬┤ touch points: Pharmacies, drugstores or online. He can find us."